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Name Clara Victoria PETERSON, Grandmother
Birth 14 Feb 1883, Salemsburg, Kansas
Moved Sioux Rapids, Iowa
Death 8 Feb 1975, Spencer, Iowa
Burial 10 Feb 1975, Lone Tree Cem., Sioux Rapids, Iowa
Occupation Housewife; Teacher; Innkeeper
Education 11th Grade
Private Note Checkers Champion. Spoke 4 languages
Father Otto PETERSON (1845-1913)
Mother Clara Christina SVENSDOTTER (1849-1933)
1 Carl Victor ANDERSON, Grandfather
Birth 13 May 1877, Mosjøen, Norway
Moved Sioux Rapids, Iowa
Death 28 Dec 1962, Sioux Rapids, Iowa
Burial 31 Dec 1962, Lone Tree Cem., Sioux Rapids Iowa
Occupation Carpenter
Private Note Came 1894 from Norway. Turned 17 on ship to America
Father Anton Theodor SCHRÖDER (1854-)
Mother Karen Anna PAULSDATTER (1838-1923)
Marriage 20 Feb 1901, Eagle Grove, Iowa
Children Clara Corinne (1903-1935)
Carl Wilmar (1907-1981)
Herdis Borgny (1914-1983)
Eldrid Solfrid (1918-)
Arnwald Warren (1921-)
Otto Gordon (1924-1977)
Notes for Clara Victoria PETERSON
She went by her middle name, Victoria.
Notes for Carl Victor (Spouse 1)
He was born Karl Antonson in Mosjøen, Norway on 13 May 1877. During a visit to Norway in 1977, the centennial year of his birth, I was able to see his original birth record and obtain a copies of it all records mentioned below. His mother and father were unmarried and this was a common in those days occurring about 20% of the time. The naming convention was the same in either case: your father's first name was the basis for your last name. There were no family names as such in those days. His father's first name was Anton; thus, his last name was Antonson.

On his birth record, Karl's mother, Karen Ane Paulsdatter of Mosjøen, gave her birth year as 1840 and his father gave his birth year as 1853. Actually each of them fibbed a little and I had to search more records to find their birth records: Karen was born on 8 September 1838 and Anton was born on 28 July 1854. Karen was actually 16 years older than Anton.

Anton Schröder was born to wealthy parents who could afford to hire private tutors to teach their children. I believe that Karen was a servant in their house. Anton's father, Ole Herman Schröder, born in 1799, married Anton's mother late in life and was 55 at the time of Anton's birth. Anton's older brothers and sisters died from typhoid fever when he was a teenager. He was almost 23 when Karl was born.

Karen had another son fourteen years older than Karl who was also born out of wedlock. His name was Ludvig Andreas Anderson. He was born on 5 October 1863 and he came to America when he was 24. Seven years later he sent for Karl to join him in Sioux Rapids, Iowa. You can see that on the ship's manifest the 665th passenger is Carl Antonson, age 16, bound for Sioux Rapids, Iowa, where my mother would be born 10 years later. Note that spelling conventions were changing so although he was born "Karl", he was "Carl" on the ship's manifest.

Carl turned 17 during the voyage to America. He changed his name to Carl Anderson when he arrived in America to match his half-brother's name. This was the freedom people had in the nineteenth century before passports, social security numbers and emigration restrictions made staring afresh much more difficult.

One mystery still remains. Where did Carl's middle name come from? "Victor" was an extremely uncommon name in Norway. It is a speculation, but it appears that he adopted his middle name "Victor" from his wife's middle name "Victoria". There is a very pleasing symmetry: Carl Victor Anderson from Norway marries Clara Victoria Peterson, born in America of Swedish immigrants. By the way, she lost her American citizenship when she married Carl in 1901. At that time, the wife assumed the nationality of her husband upon marriage. Later they both became American citizens. Clara is unique because she was both a natural born and naturalized American citizen.
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