Atlas Society Summer Seminar July 2003

In 2003, the summer seminar, my sixth, of The Atlas Society was held at Bentley College in Waltham, Mass. about 10 miles from Boston. There were about 200 attendees this year. As usual, there were lectures morning, afternoon and evening. People lecturing in one session are part of the audience in the other. Questions are usually insightful. First-time lecturers are typically amazed at the quality of questions. I finally managed to take a couple of photos.

Bentley College Bentley College is built on a hillside in a quiet, peaceful area. Lots of good exercise for us flatlanders! Bentley College The main campus, where the lectures were held, was at the top of the hill; the cafeteria, at the bottom.
9/11 Memorial Tree Outside the cafeteria, the employees from Student Health Services had dedicated this dogwood tree to the 4 alumni killed in the 9/11 terrorist attack. It seemed surprising even this remote campus was touched by terrorism. 9/11 Memorial Plaque The four alumni killed were:
Peter O'Neil Jr - 2001
Amy Toyen - 1999
Terrence Gazzani - 2000
David Carlone - 1977
"You will not be forgotten"
John Enright and his son Here John Enright and son, John Enright, Jr, pose during a coffee break. John and Marsha Enright Dancing A candid shot, as John twirls Marsha Enright during the final banquet.
Don Parrish and Ed Hudgins Ed Hudgins is one of those rare people with an encylopedic knowledge from the Roman Empire to space exploration. Don Parrish and David Mayer I never miss a lecture from David Mayer who is a legal professor and an expert on Thomas Jefferson.
Damian and Don Parrish Damian, from Harvard, is a talented rising star. Per Hansen and Don Parrish I joke with Per Hansen, a free market economist from Denmark, by calling him a "Viking" because of his size.